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Children ski

How a kid could be a good skier?

Skiing is a funny and familiar sport, is passed from parents to children and gets more followers every day.

First steps on children skiing have to be done with a specialized professional at a protected area. Our professors are the best option, because they are highly qualified on these technics.

A child never has to be forced. It has to be a game, not a duty, can be encouraged but not forced.

Some advices:

  • Respect child ability.
  • Avoid extreme cold days.
  • Dress the child in 3 layers.
  • Has to use gloves, helmet and glasses.
  • Has to use sunscreen
  • It is imperative the child is always identified to help locate.
  • It is convenient to use back protection.
  • Children’s contact with snow has to be progressive even if the child doesn’t walk yet.
  • It is amazing how fast children learn to balance.
  • Togetherness and respect are basic in classes. Children must feel protected for his partners to play with snow and looking for his balance. Children will learn not only to walk and slide, but also to fall down!
  • Next step will be to go up light slopes, when they were adapted to skis and slide safely. And they will go on until turn into experts with our professors.