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Levels for children


Those who are able to move along a flat autonomous with skis and slide without falling though not know braking.


Able to do I stop the wedge themselves in gentle slopes. Speed control.


Capable of braking on steeper slopes and beginning to give direction to the skis while controlling the speed.


Able to stop on green land even stop and turn wedge or similar.

Exploradores expertos

They autonomous on green land are able to track down and meet some blue feet at most turns.


Capable of skidding in parallel are autonomous in blue track and meet the feet almost every turn.

Aventureros expertos

Parallel rotatable most of the time. They can go down red slopes and demonstrate control skidding into the turn.

Expertos de la nieve

Autonomous in red track dominates the parallel skidded short turns. Bajan by black run.

Máquinas del descenso

Parallel perfected: skiing dominate in all circumstances and start skiing on the edge. Turns conducted.

Esquiador nube

Training mode. Prepared for competition.